1. Liberum Help Desk (FREE GPL) (View Screen Shot)
Liberum Help Desk Review: 8 out of 10 stars: Read the Liberum Reivew Here and take a Live Online Demo.

2. PHP Helpdesk (FREE GPL)
Review Comming Soon.

3. Hot Open Tickets (FREE GPL)
Hot Open Ticket's Review: 6 out of 10 stars Read the Help Desk Review Here and take an online demo


Why aren’t there many free help desk programs for Intranets, Internet sites, and extranets? The simple reason is that companies would rather pay $1,000 plus then spend the money on having I.T. programmers write custom code to match their I.T. shops needs. The QuickIntranet Corporation is dedicated to open source projects as well as closed source projects. On this site you will find almost all open source code for Free Help Desk Systems, be it our own or a competitors, we believe in an open community. We also are currently offering to custom configure our Free Help Desk software for your company.


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